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Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification

Any type of stress can interrupt the brain’s control and communication over the body; all organs and body parts. When that communication is interrupted, that organ or body part operates at a lower level or becomes dysfunctional. This can show up as any number of different symptoms. Total Body Modification, or TBM, restores health by re-establishing the proper communication between the brain and the body.
TBM uses applied kinesiology, as well as other techniques implemented centuries ago by chiropractic masters. These allow the body to heal itself. TBM treatment also implements simple dietary changes to reset sugar metabolism, which reduces stress on the body. TBM can also be useful in treating allergies by helping to harmonize the body with the frequency of an allergen.  
As powerful as TBM is, it is gentle and non-invasive, and most patients enjoy this healing technique. Any dietary changes are easy, and after a few days many patients report increased energy and vitality. Some even find stubborn extra pounds melt away.

Ask us incorporate Total Body Modification into your treatment plan, and experience a level of health you may have given up on ever finding. What level of health would you like to achieve?

The Pillars of Total Body Modification

Total body modification will test your body's hydration and what may be suffering if you're not getting enough water.One of the major pillars of Total Body Modification is hydration. Without proper hydration, every system in your body is unable to function at optimum levels. Our doctors are trained in applied kineseology methods to detect whether this may be affecting you. Sometimes we can be operating at a level of dehydration without even realizing it.

Dehydration, mild or great, can affect your blood sugar, your muscles, joints, energy levels, digestion, immune system and even brain function. Because water is needed everywhere in your body, it is absolutely essential to be properly hydrated. And this means more than 64 oz. of water per day, as has been previously touted. Much more, for a lot of people.

Ask one of our doctors today to check your hydration level and, while you're at it, check what other body functions may be suffering because of it. You will probably be surprised!