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  1. Has the man in your life put on a little extra weight around the middle? And does he lack the motivation to do anything about it?
    Have you thought about why that is? We have some ideas that may help both of you. The cause of the extra weight might be the same reason he lacks motivation. Curious? We thought you might be.
    Or perhaps this sounds a bit more familiar: Your man gets home from a stressful day at work, only to have an overwhelming list of things that need done at home. I’d want to sit down and take a breather too. Is all this demand causing him to put his health on the back burner? This is the reason most men put off their health.
    This month at Farney Chiropractic we would like to help you and your man find some answers. And hopefully arrive at a solution too.
    We specialize in meeting your individual needs, and we work with each patient to find a solution that fits your family’s lifestyle. No person is just like another, so no solution is just like another. By looking at your whole health picture, we can help you achieve your own total body wellness.
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  2. Relationships
    Every aspect of our lives is affected by them, if not governed by them.
    How well do you relate to others? Maybe this question is new to you, and maybe you already spend much time dwelling on it, but it is an important one. If this is a struggle for you, consider this: Your health may depend on it.
    The Southern Utah University suggests that people in healthy relationships live longer, are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and are more likely to be physically and emotionally healthy.
    Are your relationships affecting your health?
    How well do you relate to yourself?  This question is not asked as often, but is just as important. The way you relate to yourself strongly affects how you view your world, decisions you make, and the way you speak, think and act. Far from being a selfish study, says Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, a psychotherapist and life coach, “getting to know yourself is one of the most important, responsible, and healthy things you can do in your life. It will help you to take good care of yourself, know and act on your priorities, manage your time better, make better decisions, and spend time with people who are good for you.”
    Is your health affecting your relationships? In spite of your best intentions and efforts, you may have a health issue that is affecting your relationships, both to yourself and to others. Sometimes, we have a health issue we are unaware of, and need some help identifying. If this sounds like you, we are happy to help. A quick visit with one of our doctors can help get you started on your journey to better relationships. A different perspective may be just what you need.
  3. Do you suffer from allergies? Does someone in your family go through about a box of tissues per day?
    You're not alone.

    You may not realize the actual source of your allergies, however. 
    When you think of your allergies as an immune system response, it's easier to understand them, and what you can do to help your symptoms. 
    There are many factors that can affect your immune system. Consider how many of the following could apply to you:

    Not enough sleep
    Improper nutrition
    Improper vitamin/supplement intake
    Incorrect foods
    Toxic strain

    If any of these is not up to par, then your immune system is compromised. Some people may be more compromised than others, and sometimes these are hard to measure.

    A quick visit with one of our doctors can help get you started on the right track. 
    Start feeling better today. A different perspective may be just what you need.